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University of Valladolid

The University of Valladolid (UVa) is one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in the year 1293 (,). UVa has actively participated in different European projects in the last 20 years, at research or training levels. There is a long history in Interreg Projects developed by different groups of research in the University and different fields of work, and other type of European projects: Framework Programme for Research and Development, E-Content, COST, ERASMUS-SOCRATES, TEMPUS, CULTURE 2000..., and other initiatives from different General Directions of EU. The UVa has created an office devoted to the management of European Projects in the GENERAL FOUNDATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VALLADOLID (FGUVA), a non profit institution totally controlled by UVa, by a specific delegation of management for these types of projects and other type of contracts with enterprises and institutions.

Dr. Angela Gómez-Niño is a full Professor of the Department of Cell Biology at the University of Valladolid. She has been teaching cell biology in the Health Sciences School and in the School of Education for the last 20 years. She was previously working at the University of Utah, USA, during 4 years. Her research falls into two areas, one related to arterial chemoreception and oxygen sensing and the other, focused on development, implementation and evaluation of new curricula materials for science education. She has been involved in international research projects and in several national projects that analyzed teaching strategies and students values developed in science subjects. She has been member of a previous EU educational project regarding production, implementation, dissemination and evaluation, through qualitative methodology, of new biotechnology materials for the secondary level.

Dr. Elena Charro is Associated Professor at the School of Education of the University of Valladolid, where has been teaching Chemistry since 1989. She holds a PhD in Chemistry for the same University, and she spent one year with a postdoctoral fellowship at Queen’s University of Belfast (UK). Her areas of expertise are related with Physic and Environmental Research. She has collaborated with professors of several universities, as Oxford University, Pedagogical University of Krakov, University of Lille, and University of Bologna, among others. She has published 36 papers in international journals with impact factor and many book chapters. She has served as referee for 3 international journals and has participated actively in many national and international research and educational projects, as well as conferences in the domain of Physic, Chemistry and Scientific Education. She has supervised 2 PhD and presently she is the Scientific Director of the Laboratory of Low Radioactivity Research at the University of Valladolid (LIBRA).

Yolanda Padilla
is an associated staff member of the Department of Science Education. She received her B.Sc. in Biology and she is currently undertaking a PhD in Science education analyzing students’ attitudes toward Science. Her study has been focus on the students of the School of Education at the University of Valladolid. She has been teaching Natural Science education and Science curriculum for preschool and primary school teachers in the School of Education for the last sixteen years.

Susana Plaza is a research staff member of the Department of Science Education. She received her B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering and she is currently undertaking a PhD in Science education studying the importance and the implications of the scientific culture in the society. She has been teaching different subjects to students from 10th to 12th grade at Professional School during the last years.




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