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Univ. Politec. delle Marche

Marche Polytechnical University, Ancona

The Marche Polytechnical University (UNIVPM) was founded in 1969. The University consists of 5 faculties covering the areas of natural, economic, engineering and medical sciences. The number of students is over 15,000 while staff number 1097. The university employs 541 academic teachers (professors and junior professors); it consists of 19 departments. The ‘Università Politecnica delle Marche’ (, is a state agency with scientific, educational, organizational, financial and accounting self-government endowed with the power of both public and private right. Acts in compliance with the principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic and the Magna Charta subscribed by the European universities and those of other Countries all around the world; such has pluralistic value and is independent from any ideological, religious, political or economic position. Being interested in increasing student motivation and the level of teaching in our region, conferences have taken place in the University on a regular basis: Invited speakers have included - Cooperative Learning, Prof. Richard Felder, North Carolina State University, USA - Concept Maps, Richard J. Shavelson, Stanford University, USA, and Prof. Joseph Novak, Cornell University and University of West Florida, USA - Problem Solving, Prof. Alex Johnstone, Glasgow University, UK; (more than 400 high school and University teachers attended ). The university has set up a web site concerning with educational matters:

Prof. Liberato Cardellini, focused his research activities on the difficulties encountered by students while solving chemical problems and has developed several useful strategies for solving chemical problems and a logical method for solving ionic equilibrium problems. He is interested in practices that develop positive and motivating learning environments, to enhance scientific literacy and to get students interested in problem solving. He is a national delegate to the EuCheMS (European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences) Division of Chemical Education and national representative for Italy on the Committee for Chemistry Education of the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry). He currently serves on the editorial boards of 6 journals, mainly in chemistry education.


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